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Hollow Earth Expedition Ep 13: In the Shadow of the Mountain part 1 of 2

The  camp discovered, our heroes must uncover the nazi plan. Will they survive or die IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOUNTAIN!!!!

The Trouble With Time Travel – original short story

Wibbly-wobbley, timey-wimey stuff is explored in a short story relaying the trials and tribulations of time travel (a favorite Fandible topic).

Fiasco: Bookhounds of London

Five people, tied together by greed, search for knowledge that is truly worth dying for. Sadly, they discover that there are some fates worse then death.

Lovecraft: The Thrill of Nightmares and the Power of Dreamers.

To celebrate H.P. Lovecraft’s birthday, David looks at the influential horror writer’s fascination with dreams and how they can power creativity, and wonders what he might think of modern gamers mining his mythos for plot hooks.

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