The Toybox of the Mind

September 2, 2015

Recently I was having coffee with a friend and we were recounting with great fervor our memories of being little boys and playing with our toys. Part of the discussion was based on the types of toys we had, the mnemonic markers bound with brand recognition that gave us a feeling of shared experience. The action figures borne from iconic cartoons, the obscure characters who never hit the big time, and of course the Golden fleece of toys for kids our age: a full set of metal Voltron lions, capable of combining to make the titular robotic defender of the universe.

September 2015 Podcast Schedule

Its a month of Lovecraftian Horror and Technocratic Rule in this month’s podcast schedule.

GTRT Ep 23: The Meaning of Punk, Rated R Superheroes and Our Best Fake President

5 Geeks, One Roundish Table. This week in the Geeky Topics Round Table, we discuss the meaning of punk in role-playing, whether we need rated R superheroes, and our best fake presidents.

Dungeons & Dragons Ep 2: Desecrated Memorial 2 of 2

Trapped by a Mana Storm, the heroes have no choice but to face the weapons of a long dead people.

Fandible: The Drinking Game

As you may know, Fandible is approaching five years of actual play podcast hilarity this fall. It’s a momentous occasion, and we absolutely wouldn’t have stuck around this long if it weren’t for people like you, coming back week after …Read the Rest

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