5 Geeks, One Roundish Table. On this weeks Geeky Topics Round Table, we discuss the representations of religion in games, does race change a character in comics,  and choosing a Superhero RPG.

The Strange Ep 3: Gloaming part 1 of 2

In a world of Gothic architecture and melodramatic supernatural creatures, the two thieves must find their prize before they die from angst.

How to Run a Daredevil RPG

April 22, 2015
How to Run a Daredevil RPG

Got an itch to play a streetlevel superhero after binge watching Daredevil on Netflix? Angela breaks down some of the key components of Daredevil to keep in mind for an RPG to figure out what system would work best.

Game Designer Notes: Alan Bahr of Planet Mercenary: The Roleplaying Game

Alan Bahr, designer and developer of Planet Mercenary: The Roleplaying Game, stops by Fandible to discuss our recent playtest of the game. Thankfully he didn’t run away screaming, and we both learned a lot about the game through the experience!

Planet Mercenary: Uplifted Warfare

In Planet Mercenary, the new RPG based on the Schlock Mercenary comic, a down on their luck team of mercenaries are desperate for some coin after some unexpected downsizing. A slowly building civil war may be just the break they need. Thank you to Alan Bahr and Howard Tayler for allowing us to playtest Planet Mercenary – check out their Kickstarter, and check back soon for a special guest post from Alan reacting to our playtest experience.

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