Closing in on the killer, the Neonates must end its rampage before their higher ups end them.

You’re Probably Wondering What I’m Doing With All This Plutonium – Creating the Perfect Player

Ever since I was asked to join Fandible I can remember a nagging question in the back of my mind: Are only five people capable of creating and sustaining the kind of quality entertainment that we seek to offer and that you, the listener, deserve?

Vampire the Masquerade Ep 1: Mark of the Hunter part 1 of 2

Four less than competent neonate vampires must stop a serial killer hunting in thier territory.

Thank you, Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons and roleplaying, oh my! Hear about how D&D and other roleplaying games have had a positive effect on Billy’s life. Wait, why are you laughing? He’s serious!

GTRT EP 15: Fate, Character aspects, and Shipping.

5 Geeks, one roundish table. In this weeks GTRT, we discuss Fate, Aspects of ourselves in our characters, and our ultimate shipping choices.

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