Finally in France, the Neo-Victorian heroes must somehow survive new wasteland monstrosities and the towns that embrace them.

Words on a Page

July 1, 2015
Words on a Page

Billy explores his love for the written word and the creation of books. Yes, much like every third grader, he’s written an essay on why reading is gud.

July Podcast Schedule

June 29, 2015
July Podcast Schedule

Its a undead extravaganza in this months Podcast Schedule.   July 3rd & 10th Unhallowed Metropolis We go to a land of upper crust undead antics as the heroes discover the joys of France.             …Read the Rest

Dungeons & Dragons Ep 2: Coming of Age part 2 of 2

Dropped into the unknown, the heroes encounter strange beasts, bizarre machines, and a truly horrifying secret.

5 Stages of Playing D&D for the Fantasy Skeptic

Angela has spent most of her RPG career avoiding fantasy games in general, and Dungeons & Dragons in particular. As a fantasy skeptic, how did she come around to D&D 5E?

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