Genre Savvy Characters Must Die

Is the genre savvy character a useful plot device, or just a tool? When does the character outlive their usefulness and become more of a liability to good story telling than anything else?

Fandible Interview: Dave Simpson and Matthias Bonnici, Rampaging Jotun

Dan took a few minutes at Maelstrom to talk with Dave Simpson and Matthias Bonnici, creators of the soon to be kick-starting boardgame Rampaging Jotunn.  

GTRT Ep 21: System Turnoffs, Fantasy Talk, and Mad Max

5 Geeks. One Roundish Table. In the week’s Geeky Topics Round Table, we talk about our game system turnoff’s, our recent forays into fantasy games, and the recent Mad Max controversy.

Pathfinder: Planar Chase

Surviving the schemes of the fey, the heroes head to a faith summit. Along the way, they begin a chase that will lead them through the mortal realms and beyond. Intro Music: Heavy Interlude by Kevin Macleod Other Games

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