The month of August brings with it all types of horrors.     August 1st & 8th Black Crusade We take a break from the rogue trader crew and find out what the other side is up too. Here’s a clue, …Read the Rest

GTRT Ep 11: Player Dynamics, PC Archetypes, RPG False Starts & Dream Projects

5 Geeks, 1 Roundish Table. We talk about our favorite PC interactions, what character types we tend to play, games we almost ran, and our dream projects.

Unhallowed Metropolis Ep 10: Whispered Vows part 2 of 2

Everything starts coming into place as the Victorian heroes prepare to awe the Prussian people. They will only have to survive one deadly and complicated night.

Rotted Capes Review – A Second Look

After an excellent experience playing Rotted Capes at Origins, it appears the Fandible crew needs to eat some crow. Billy falls on his sword and makes a second attempt at reviewing Paradigm Concept’s zombies versus superheroes RPG.

Unhallowed Metropolis Ep 10: Whispered Vows part 1 of 2

Searching for a way to France, our heroes begin their plans to impress the Prussians. Sadly, there are many who might not appreciate their efforts.

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