The residents of sleepy pines are in for a rude awakening as a specter from the past has come to end their futures.

My Inner Drow

March 25, 2015
My Inner Drow

Some of us wanted to slay them. Some of us wanted to play them. Read about that inner voice that whispers for us to play a character outside of their race’s alignment.

Shadowrun Ep 7: The Saints of Suffering part 2 of 2

Escaping from street gangs and missing vital equipment, the EMT’s must find a way to restock their supplies and still get paid. Also, you know, save a few lives. I guess.

Role Playing Lessons from Cats

Cats are some of the noblest damn creatures on the planet. Cultures around the world have been inspired by cats, praising them in song, art, and even religions. Cats continue to inspire us today – statistics show the internet is actually 58.3% cats. Why shouldn’t role players continue this age-old tradition? Cats have many things to teach us about playing and running role playing games.

GTRT Ep 19: Podcast Relocation, Panel Tracks and our Favorite Recent Characters.

5 Geeks, One Roundish Table. In this months Geeky Topics Round Table, we talk about where we would move the podcast, what types of panel tracks we would like to visit, and our favorite recent characters.

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