Actual Play Games

Final Girl: The Specter of Sleepy Pines

The residents of sleepy pines are in for a rude awakening as a specter from the past has come to end their futures.

Shadowrun Ep 7: The Saints of Suffering part 2 of 2

Escaping from street gangs and missing vital equipment, the EMT’s must find a way to restock their supplies and still get paid. Also, you know, save a few lives. I guess.

Shadowrun Ep 7: The Saints of Suffering part 1 of 2

In the streets of future Seattle, violence is a way of life. In these harsh times, there are brave people who travel these streets to save lives. Of course, getting paid to do it is also pretty nice.

Atomic Robo Ep 4: Primeval Chaos

Prehistoric animals have suddenly appeared and team science must investigate before the past literally comes to bite them.

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