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Dungeons & Dragons Ep 2: Coming of Age part 2 of 2

Dropped into the unknown, the heroes encounter strange beasts, bizarre machines, and a truly horrifying secret.

Dungeons & Dragons Ep 1: Coming of Age part 1 of 2

Protected by a god’s blessing, three youths have nothing to fear from the horrible monsters that have destroyed their world. Sadly, what was suppose to be a simple goblin attack may mean the end of peace and the start of a dangerous journey.

Jurassic Park: Legacy

June 12, 2015
Jurassic Park: Legacy

20 years ago, Robert Muldoon died under mysterious circumstances on Isla Nublar. Today, his son and three army buddies return to the forbidden island in search of the truth. A Hollow Earth Expedition stand alone game, just in time for the US release of Jurassic World!

The Strange Ep 4: Pantamal

On a world of anthropomorphic animals, an accidental apocalypse may cost the dimensional thieves their prize.

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