Actual Play Games

Nights Black Agents Ep 1: Red Rock Dreams part 2 of 2

Realizing their enemies are more than human, the agents prepare to fight against a much more insidious and brutal opponent. Intro Music: Hitman by Kevin Macleod

Nights Black Agents Ep 1: Red Rock Dreams part 1 of 2

3 agents head to Russia to uncover the secrets of a new and terrifying gang of drug dealers.

Rotted Capes Ep 1: Dead City

3 Years ago, an undead plague swept across the earth. A world of superheroes and supervillians quickly turned into one of the dead and those just trying to survive. Now three super’s must head into a city they long abandoned …Read the Rest

Dungeon World: A Little Bit of Dis part 2 of 2

With a possible old friend returned, the adventurers head deep into the land to figure out the nature of a new and terrible enemy. Intro Music: One-eyed Meastro by Kevin Macleod

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