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The Strange Ep 5: Cataclyst

After a failed translation, our con artist heroes find themselves in a world of mutants, cyborgs, and pleasant post apocalyptic scenery.

Rotted Capes Ep 5: Beneficial Madness part 2 of 2

The new camp established, the heroes head to Dr. Moziac’s old laboratory to see if they can find anyone still alive.

Rotted Capes Ep 5: Beneficial Madness part 1 of 2

Before heading to Glory Hogs hideout, the heroes establish a new colony for their old friend Quinn.

Unhallowed Metropolis Ep 13: False Refuge part 2 of 2

Leaving the town of the Matagot, the neo-victorian heroes travel through the wastes with the aid of a musical companion.

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