Actual Play Games

Fiasco: Bookhounds of London

Five people, tied together by greed, search for knowledge that is truly worth dying for. Sadly, they discover that there are some fates worse then death.

Rotted Capes Ep 3: Human Error

In the world of the zombie apocalypse, sometimes hard choices need to be made. In such a world, the lesser evil may be your only chance for survival. Intro Music: Hitman by Kevin Macleod

Black Crusade: Towerfall part 2 of 2

The acolytes of evil head to the imperial world of Corona and find that creating chaos may be a bitter harder then they thought.

Black Crusade: Towerfall part 1 of 2

4 agents of chaos must enter a inquisitorial tower and grab an alien artifact. Thankfully, like all heist films, everything goes according to plan.

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