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How to Run a Daredevil RPG

April 22, 2015
How to Run a Daredevil RPG

Got an itch to play a streetlevel superhero after binge watching Daredevil on Netflix? Angela breaks down some of the key components of Daredevil to keep in mind for an RPG to figure out what system would work best.

Magic Systems in RPGs

January 7, 2015
Magic Systems in RPGs

Most RPGs have some kind of magic system involved, from casting fireball to controlling psychic powers, and every system has its own idiosyncrasies. Read more for a breakdown of a few magic systems in popular RPGs and an analysis of why they worked (or didn’t) for Fandible.

Dresden Files Ep 6: A Faerie Dresden Christmas

A modern day Willy Wonka, a Genie, a Alchemist, and a Demon Whisperer walk into a circus. It only gets worse from their. That joke is much funnier if your a Fae. Other Games

Dresden Files Ep 5: The Medieval Blues

Trapped in a time where witch burnings were a fun past time and the black plague was that new disease hitting the streets, the magic misfits must find a way from stopping the blue bloods from changing history. Of course, …Read the Rest

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